Politician , Pinocchio ??


Long, long time ago, when I was in school, some of us were invited to meet the local Mayor and some of the politicians.

After we were interviewed for 10 minutes by one of his staff, I was chosen to go into the Mayor’s offices and speak to her and her deputy.

We chatted for a while, then the deputy said something about the time etc. So, the Mayor brought things to close by saying that there would always be room at the Town Hall for bright, young people. Had I thought about a career in politics?

When I replied in the negative, she asked why.

I said I know I’m only young, but from what I’d seen and read, politicians will say and do anything to get into power, and once in, will say and do anything to stay there.

I was soon hustled out the door.

Fifty years on, and I’m sad to say that my opinion has not changed. That either means that I am stuck in a rut, or the state of politics and politicians is exactly the same.

I believe I know which it is.

Peace and love,





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