No offence…….just saying…..

Hi, this is a moan.

There used to be an oft-used saying :

“I don’t mean to be funny, but………………….”

this would be followed by words that were indeed not funny, but hurtful.

Thank goodness, this phrase seems to have gone out of fashion, but it

appears to have morphed into two others,  the first is :

“No offence…….”  : this seems to be used before or after words that are again

hurtful or upsetting. People seem to use this phrase as a ‘Get out of jail free card’

as if merely by stating it makes everything excusable. Well, IT DOESN’T !

the second phrase is just as short, and bad :

“Just saying……..”  usually used after more hurtful, upsetting, thoughtless words,

again it’s used as a magic oil on troubled waters. And again, IT DOESN’T WORK !

It’s just another lazy way of trying to excuse appalling bad manners and rudeness.


So, if you use, or are thinking of using, these phrases to say rude or hurtful words,





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