Blue Bloods – brilliant but…….

I absolutely love the TV series Blue Bloods.

From the beginning, it has had great stories, both procedurally and emotionally. The cast are great, especially the key characters, there is always a profound goodness that runs through the whole thing.

In fact, I could give it a 100% rating except for one small thing issue……….

It seems that every week, the whole family sit around a table for a family meal. Now, this is fabulous, as it gives out a vibe of togetherness and good old-fashioned values.

But…….unless I’m missing something, there never appears to be a police or security presence outside the house. So why isn’t there a criminal who can attack the house, or simply blow it up?

With all the data out there nowadays, surely it wouldn’t take a mastermind to find out where F.X. Reagan lives. Even if there were a number of them, it wouldn’t take long to wrinkle him out. Plus, surely someone could just follow him? He has to go home sometime.

But that’s it. My only beef. Apart from that, it is a class act, well written, acted and presented. Love it. May it continue for a long time.

If only someone could explain to me……….




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